13 things happen in the body when we lose 2.5 pounds

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Losing weight, as anyone who has ever tried to diet in his life knows, is “pretty” difficult. Beyond the constant battle against caloric balance, sometimes the results are not apparent in the field and it is frustrating. Whether it’s a waistband that isn’t really coming down, clothes that don’t fit or compliments from the environment that just isn’t coming, the weight loss process can sometimes feel stuck. Actually, underneath your nose, there are quite a few processes in your body that you are not aware of.

Here, for example, are things that start happening after dropping only about 2.5 pounds, according to nutritionist Mike Rossell for the “Eat This, Not That” nutrition site.

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Balanced blood sugar levels are

Eating less and high levels of exercise lead to increased insulin sensitivity, which allows the body to better control and stabilize the sugar levels in the body. This, of course, can help reduce appetite and prevent seizures.

Infections are diminished

Excess weight can sometimes lead to increased body inflammation and chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. A study published in Nutrition Research found that lowering about 2.7 pounds of body weight can reduce inflammation by inhibiting the production of protein-stimulating proteins in the body, and even leads to improved immune function.

Fat cells are shrinking

Weight loss is the result of consuming fewer calories than your body consumes. When the body starts to extract energy from the fat cells to supplement the energy it does not get from food, they begin to shrink. This is in contrast to the opposite phenomenon where if you gain weight, fat cells grow.

The feeling of hunger rises

In the short run, you may feel hungry- When you reduce your calories to lose weight, your body releases larger amounts of a hormone called ghrelin, which functions to signal to the brain that you are hungry and in need of food.

The joints are less painful

The more you weigh, the more pressure is applied to your bones and joints as you move. Over time, the increased pressure can lead to damage and osteoarthritis. Shedding 2.5 pounds of excess weight can certainly relieve the pressure exerted on the bones.

The metabolic rate varies

The metabolism in the body that drives the calorie burning can work at a slower rate since the body needs less calories during the day to work. However, this change can be relative: “The metabolism of a person who weighs 90 pounds and sheds 2.5 pounds will be less affected than a person who weighs 52 pounds and lowers the same amount,” explains Russell, “because Greater impact. Gradual and slower changes have less impact on metabolism. “

The bad fat cells diminish

According to a study published in Cell Metabolism, even shedding a few pounds is enough to reduce fat deposits in the liver and abdomen. These are layers of bad fat that can lead to the release of molecules related to dangerous health conditions such as heart disease, arteries and diabetes.

The heart gets healthier

Weight loss increases HDL cholesterol – good cholesterol – while reducing the number of triglycerides, fatty compounds associated with heart disease. A study published in the American Heart Association magazine found that overweight women who regularly lost weight over a two-year period also lowered their overall cholesterol levels, regardless of how many pounds they shed.

Sleep is getting better

Research from the University of Pennsylvania found that even a small weight loss can improve the quality of the night’s sleep, and thus the energy levels and mood the following day.

The mood improves

Although it is only 2.5 pounds, it may be enough to make you happier: A study published on the science direct website found that people on a diet improved their self-confidence by shedding a few pounds, and sometimes without losing any pounds.

The body loses fluid

“When you cut the amount of carbohydrate significantly,” says Russell, “part of the weight lost is actually the weight of water in the body, since the body stores carbohydrates in the muscle along with water. When the carbohydrate reservoir is depleted and not replaced, the water stored with it also disappears.” This compares with more balanced diets where they lose more fat.

Body efficiency is increasing

When you start exercising as part of your diet, your body has to work harder to keep up with the pace. Once successful, it needs less effort and calories to maintain the same level of activity. Muscles will start to become more efficient, which means you burn less calories the more you walk, even if it’s the same distances.

Blood pressure goes down

When you carry extra pounds with you, the heart has to work harder to pump blood to all cells, which means higher blood pressure. Weight loss can also reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure in overweight people with type 2 diabetes, according to a study published in Diabetes Care.

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The content on this article does not constitute a professional opinion, recommendation, substitute for consulting an expert or obtaining medical advice.

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